Modest proposals

I’ve noticed that it’s possible to get Orange County White Guys to wear or display damn near any logo merchandise done in blackletter type and/or with German military symbols on it. This pisses me off, not just because of the crypto-Nazi flavor of all this stuff, but because it’s been going on for 20 years and it’s really boring. I’ve come up with a couple of designs of my own that I hope to sell to these truck-driving, skating, drinking, ignorant, racist fucks. Ahem. The other day I saw a sullen, ape-like kid wearing a hat that said in some blackletter type SULLEN. And I saw my millionth Independent shirt with the iron cross. And the West Coast choppers with the iron cross. And I thought ARE YOU ALL NEO NAZIS OR JUST NO-NECK MORONS? ANYWAY, here’s my designs:

12 thoughts on “Modest proposals

  1. reading my mind here
    gah … I’ve been irritated by this very thing, in the very manner you expressed, for a long time. The first person to use the iron cross as a design element was arguably cool (where cool eq “new and different”). The SEVEN THOUSANDTH person to do it just needs to die.

  2. It’s not limited to OC…
    … I’ve been in Denver about 24 hours and I’ve already seen no fewer than 3 different guys wearing West Coast Choppers T-shirts. Ick.
    I want a Small Penis one if you ever make ’em.

  3. Because of the original post’s topic, I am not sure how I can instantly kill the discussion and lose. Normally, the first one to bring up Hitler or Nazis gets that honor, but it is kind of hard to discuss your post WITHOUT mentioning them.
    I say we make hundreds of your first sticker, find some angst-ridden bored teenagers (this should work better in the summer when school is out), and convince them to go to the mall or beach or whatever and stick them over everyone’s “Big Belly Crew” stickers. It should be fun until they stupidly get caught and point fingers at who put them up to it.

    1. No Fear Tiny Penis
      Bah! Yes. We could even just make a “Tiny Penis” sticker that could be used on any of the lame signatures.
      Tiny Penis Crew
      Tiny Penis Choppers
      West Coast Tiny Penis
      Tiny Penis Nation
      No Fear Tiny Penis

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