overheard dialogue: the Days of Vans

Karl*: Yeah, so my big brother had one of those vans, a 1974 Chevy Van with the big block engine, slicks on the back, carpet in the interior, the whole thing.

nickjb: Did he have Humble Pie’s Rockin’ the Fillmore on 8-track? All of those guys did.

*Karl is a fiftysomething divorced aerospace engineer who hangs out at the coffeehouse a lot. He is a nice fella and has entertaining stories at times.

13 thoughts on “overheard dialogue: the Days of Vans

  1. that 8 track I think actually came pre-loaded in some vans. I still remember this girl I had an enormous crush on named Wendy getting out a Van and pulling her jeans up while “I don’t need no doctor” was blaring from the van.

  2. this both a)dates me somewhat and b)may either lessen or improve your opinion of me, but i’ve had sex in one of those vans. repeated, sloppy teenage sex.while the vehicle was in motion. i believe it was the shag carpet and the 8-track of “Led Zeppelin IV” that finally sent my panties dropping to my ankles. Wait, no, it was 8 “California Coolers” consumed over the space of an hour. I was a classy broad back then. Memories fuzzy…how I pray to god that wasn’t Karl’s brother I was with.

      1. Foghat? It never came to that! Slade, maybe, possibly Queen on an offnight, but not Foghat. A girl’s gotta have her standards.

      Those were my classic “hair of the dog” drinks. I’d have a couple for breakfast every day. Nothing like a shot of perm solution to start the day. =D Man, what an alcoholic won’t do to maintain a buzz. =)

  3. Friends in high school had those. One was cherry red, with custom hexagon windows in the back. Plush cushions and shag carpeting. Got my fist kiss one of those things.
    We’d steal shopping carts for money, you could fit sixteen carts in a van.
    Humble Pie, no. Van Halen, yes.

  4. the drink of choice for van girls back then by the way was Gallo Spinada wine. I tried to lure hot babes into my Chevy Nova that was blaring a casette of Das Lied Von Der Erde and even offered the champange but there were no takers

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