12 thoughts on “WORST. COVER. EVER.

  1. Doesn’t Roland Gift deserve part of the blame?
    I don’t know how I can stand this sort of thing. If it’s some sort of special skill or gift, why couldn’t I have something useful instead?
    Hey, did I ever tell you about the polka version of “Paranoid” I HOLY GOD MY PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS TORSO

    1. Reverse psycho-pathy
      To be honest, I was warning you away in an effort to get you to download it. If only I could upload songs to you without your consent.

      1. Yeah, and shit it is. I can’t begin to describe the terror I felt hearing it. It starts off sort of slow and poky an ends up with the Gloria Gaynor screams. Help help heeeellllp!! >_< Brainhurt.

      2. so I’ve been playing Tomb Raider 4 a lot and it involves running through a lot of striped “Egyptian” ruins…
        My brain did not parse that icon correctly at first…

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