5 thoughts on “The movie might be called “Kick Dick”

  1. Yeah, when he goes to prison, either he will get a bunch of high fives or everyone will laugh at him. I think that during a press conference, he should state, “I am a sick man and I need help, however, that worked out better than I hoped…no further questions.”

  2. Hurrah, let’s celebrate mob rule!
    The two guys who held him down while they kicked him? That’s a GREAT lesson for them. Now they’ve been taught that the correct way to handle a situation like that is to form a lynch mob instead of finding the police. While the teenagers were understandably upset, the adults should have at least made some sort of effort to keep them away from the guy while they found the cops, instead of being so incredibly blasé about the whole thing. From the sound of it, they didn’t even try to stop the mob.
    It’s possible the guys didn’t stop them because it would have been too difficult, but the teenagers also aren’t getting any sort of punishment for sending a man to the hospital. If I beat up a pickpocket, I’d have to deal with the consequences. These girls are not heroes, they’re a violent mob.
    This is not a defense of flashers, and this guy deserves whatever jail time he gets, but I don’t like how this is being celebrated as if there’s nothing wrong with it.

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