A quiz for “Bree”


“He’s icky!!”

For those not residing in my locality, Bree is your typical Magick-obsessed transgendered grocery store bagger. She’s really nice but will pin you to the wall and discuss Aleister Crowley at you until your eyes bleed. All is the One and the One is One of the All and Evil is Good is Evil is Cheetos. Blaaaaaar.

Since I have a full set of bizarre, irrational ideas about the world I make great efforts to be tolerant. However, sometimes other peoples’ ideas about the universe are.. well… fluffy?

10 thoughts on “A quiz for “Bree”

  1. What I like to do…
    …is make up really preposterous shit about the Famous Person in Question. “Did you know that after leaving the Thelema group, Crowley founded Avon? No really. “An thou harm none, do as thou wilt” actually had to do with applying too much foundation.” You can get a long way with a straight face and a sucker when you start doing this kind of thing. =)
    Did you know that Mozart invented Das Salat-Schpinner…?

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