Introductory shim, ferrule, or osteopath

I ran into Grey tonight. She’s 20 and making a living as an artist and about to travel to Italy and Brazil to do art and is unrealistically beautiful and really nice. Good lord, some people.

realitylost gave me half her calzone tonight. It was good. Thanks!

On the freeway today there was a VW bus in front of me with the following stickers: peace symbol, confederate flag, skull & crossbones, AAA Plus Service. I pulled up next to it and it was a middle aged black guy, bald, glasses. He grinned at me and I grinned back. Let’s hear it for weirdos!

At work there was another one of those “just so we’re all together on this” stupid ideas where we have to be in the office on weekends to “respond to issues” even though the people in my department who are on pager duty always respond in less than 5 minutes when needed. I think that this is because other people don’t respond to the pager when they don’t want to, and therefore it’s Pointless Collective Punishment. I fucking hate being punished for my own responsibility and helpfulness by being forced to do useless painful things. All those weekends I could have slacked and not been a nice guy, had I but known it was a waste anyway.

People tell you when you’re fifteen or so that you’re going through a lot of changes, that your body and mind will be unstable and painful, and that things will seem more important than they are and emotionally hurtful, and that you’ll be too focused on sex and social problems. What they don’t tell you is that this lasts for life.

2 thoughts on “Introductory shim, ferrule, or osteopath

  1. I intentionally stopped dating in high school in a bid to wait out other people’s hormones controlling their brains.
    Somewhere during college I realized OH FUCK IT NEVER ENDS!!!!

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