That’s the way we do it in the O.C.

O.C. Restaurant Closures This Month (genital/genital if you’re not registered with the Times.)

I wonder what happens to you in Islam when you 1) Name your restaurant “Meccah and Al-Madinah” and 2) fill it with cockroaches?

Also, there’s a restaurant called CAPTAIN’S BLOOD?

7 thoughts on “That’s the way we do it in the O.C.

    1. Bummer
      It was so much better when I thought there was a restaurant called “Captain’s Blood” that didn’t have hot water. No coffee or tea… just cold rum.

  1. Captain’s Blood Village Theater on Tustin. Always go past it never been in. It’s a shitty second run movie theater.
    Last on that list is China Pink. I’ve eaten there a couple times. Yum! Rats!

    1. Yep. It’s obvious you’ve never been in. Yet, you feel compelled to say it’s “shitty”, in the same breath. Uh huh.
      Captain Blood’s is not technically “second run”. And, they have spent some money refurbuishing the inside. The “starlights” in one theatre are particularly nice.
      Captain Blood’s theaters (he also owns the Woodbridge Theater in Irvine and the old AMC Mainplace Theater in Santa Ana) tends to only screen movies that the owner considers “good”, sometimes holding on to movies beyond their initial run because there’s nothing good to replace them with. They also make an effort to maintain their projectors in good condition, and do their best to obtain prints that aren’t complete crap.
      It’s a bit surprising to me that he had health code problems: he actually runs GREAT theaters, and considers customer satisfaction to be his top priority. When he first purchased the Villa Twin theater, he would stand outside in the theater lobby asking customers what they would change.. and then he acted on those criticisms and has turned his three movie houses into a pleasant movie-going experience.
      Try it sometime. You might find yourself never going to a “real” movie theater again.

      1. Theaters
        Hey you seem to know alot about those theaters. I am trying to reach Todd, but the numbers I have are out of service. I want to use one of his amazing theaters to propose…can you help me get in touch???
        if so email me

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