Valley Haiku

(A couple with inaccurate syllables, we were sloppy)

<ignatz> They call it West Hills / It smells like Canoga Park / Real estate is odd

<TorgoX> Liver and onions / Sherman Way at 2am / some Thursday in May.

<ology> The Roscoe bus stop / That guy has a parka on / Exhaust fumes and Sun

<ignatz> Lankershim sidewalk / Cigarette ash and spilt beer / Underneath, concrete

<ignatz> Arleta at night / Gunfire and loud banda tunes / Let’s have taco bell

<ignatz> Woodland hills first date / Starbucks and a Stallone flick / Someone kill me please

<ology> Ah Sepulveda / In-n-Out How I miss you / 4am Surprise

<ignatz> Topanga Mall Friday / Stuck in the food court again / Sbarro pizza sucks

<TorgoX> “condominium / condo association / condominium”

<ignatz> June, Toluca Lake / Landlord has turned off A.C. / Dog Day Afternoon

<ignatz> Pierce College art class / Some guy making airbrush porn / White Lion t-shirt

3 thoughts on “Valley Haiku

  1. Every Monday at 12 I can be found at the Topanga mall food court. Usually eating at Daphne’s. Mmmm. That sounds pretty good right now. I am fucking starving. Goddamnit.
    Ok I’m going.

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