And this one time?!

At home?! my DSL modem overheated?! and I had to put it in the freezer for an hour to cool down.

This was due to extreme heat and NOT to my attempt to download the entirety of Internet Pornography including 47 gigabytes of German Midget Erotica and the complete works of a three-penised Bollywood star named “Anwar Dongali”. Really.

It’s about 80 at night lately even and greasy. This feels like the Gulf Coast and not California. Kill me.

hugs, ignatz

14 thoughts on “And this one time?!

  1. driving anywhere in the greater los angeles area at afternoon rush hour (and you know l.a.’s rush hour is actually more like four hours) this week in a car with no a/c = THE HORRIBLE MELTING DEATH PLEASE PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY KTHX

    1. oh yeah
      I bought this car when the A/C thoroughly died on the last one and was unfixable. Driving without A/C is probably actively dangerous and not just painful. Hope your commute is not too long. Mine is 50 miles and even though I do it at offpeak it would be the Fyres of Helle.

  2. i have a thermometer thing in my house.
    well, actually it’s my mother’s.
    it lives on our sliding glass door that leads to the patio.
    it has read 95-100 degrees all week.
    outside it is about 10-20 degrees cooler.
    hot is yucky.
    did you really put your modem in the freezer??

    1. Yeah plus we had to have all windows closed today because the house is being painted. Suck.
      Yep, really put the modem in the freezer.

      1. our house has been being painted on the inside for the last week or so… luckily that means the windows stay open all day, but the heat just makes the poison paint stench all the more intoxicating.
        sorry dude. i feel your pain.

  3. Grrrrrrrrr.
    I woke up at 5am.
    I coulnd’t get back to sleep for another half hour.
    ‘Cause I was sweating!!!!!!
    And I was drinking last night.
    And didn’t go to bed until 1.
    F’ing 5am!!!!!

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