stupid cat

The animal disappeared today, and my mom was convinced she was gone/dead. Searched for six hours. I came home at 5:30 in heavy traffic, got home at 7:30. Two hours of hell.

I helped search the house and neighborhood. No sign of cat. No response to usually attractive noises. Doom, gloom.

At 8 pm cat shows up in the kitchen as if nothing happened. WHERE THE HELL WAS SHE? She likes to find cool dark places and disappear, but this is a new record.

Grump grrr rowr.

6 thoughts on “stupid cat

  1. *Shakes fist*
    To be fair though, this last Sunday I watched a neighbor’s cat spend a good 10 hours sleeping in various spots on my porch.
    It’s damn hot.

  2. Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, but Pous called me yesterday and said she wanted to go out partying, so I picked her up and we tore up the town. That cat of yours is a real party animal!

  3. yo i live in a tiny apt and twice the dumb foodbitch couldna find me. i was in a draw! i don’t even know how i got in there. i am glad your cat is home and not running around the streets popping skwerls and such and muggin for the bling bling.

  4. i had a cat disappear once.. it’s name was Mouser (you know the boss in the desert level, I wanna say level 2, but I can’t recall immediately, in Super Mario Brothers 2?)
    We found it two days later.. dead :/ We couldn’t determine exact cause of death but we think it got into the rat poisoning under our next door neighbors house. 🙁 Oh well I was allergic to cats anyway :X

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