13 thoughts on “No, no no, no. Actually also: no

    1. Fear business development! We rock!
      Phear biz-dev! We rock!
      Phear biz-dev! We roxor!
      Now s/e/3/ and s/o/0/:
      Ph3ar biz-d3v! W3 r0x0r!
      Randomize the capitalization and you’re all set to go.

      1. god, I’m STILL confused, but thanks for trying.
        What is the offical term for this “language”…I’ve been calling it “HackZor-eze”.

      2. i don’t know if an official term exists, but i hear “leet-speak” most often (usually a self-description, comes from elite, implies that those who type this way are members of some elite dork squad).
        hackzor-eze (h4X0r-32e, perhaps?) is probably good enough, though.

  1. My whiteboard is cooler
    It has

    a badly-drawn sketch of information flow in the project I’m nearly done with now
    #bdc4ce, which is the (ungodly) background color of the web-screen front-end for the server I wrote (see above)
    VWLS_SK, which is a reference to the way stuff gets named around here

    This is, of course, all done in red marker. Red is the one true color.

    1. Whiteboards
      Magic slates are superior! They do not involve smelly markers; and are meant for use as a single-user system. So they discourage disgusting OTHER PEOPLE from coming and trying to interfere with your artistic PROCESS.

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