scary fudging stuff scare the stuff out of you, forever:

It’s bad enough that these rage-filled mouthbreathers want a theocracy. What I can’t understand is why they think they’re practicing Christianity. Hello, Heaven’s Gate for Baptists? EAT THE PUDDING EAT IT NOW NOW NOW

I’m going to go lie in a dark room now and pretend the world isn’t happening.

5 thoughts on “scary fudging stuff

  1. Whilst I’m inclined to say words fail me, they don’t really. Somehow, I’m not surprised that these delusional folk not only exist but are also assholes with access to the highest levels of government. Apparently, in the new world order, it’s the Family not the Masons who are erm, running things. I think my favorite part was definitely the bit where they decided that democracy was baaaaaad. And while I’m not surprised the media hasn’t given it more coverage, I wonder if the general public did find out, they would care.

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