finally a good day

I drove out I-10 to Beaumont, down California 79 to Hemet, and then back on 74 through Perris and over the Ortega Highway to San Juan, finally coming back home via the toll road. An excellent drive, with twisties to keep my skills up, some nice untraveled straightaways for zoomage, and lots of natural beauty. The hot season has just hit (it was over 90 F) but everything is still green, and the birds and insects are making an insane racket.

In the same little strip mall in Perris was the From God Thrift Store and the For Ya Ears Records & Tapes.

Also, there was a church in the San Bernardino area called The Rock: A Church Aflame! but fortunately they were only a couple blocks from HOSE-MART.

The word “hose” is funny. There was a business called HOSE-MAN that Enigma and I used to cackle at on our commute. Try it:



One thought on “finally a good day

  1. oh yay! next time you want to take a long rambling drive you should call me. long rambling drives are my most favoritest thing in the whole world. we can even take my car.
    (i swear, call my at like 9 in the morning on a saturday, the only thing i will get up for is a long drive or brunch in laguna.)

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