Weapon of Mass Destruction

She’s brisk. She’s blonde. She’s efficient. She’s the mouthpiece for the world’s most powerful military. She’s dressed like an elementary school principal in 1978. SHE’S VICKY CLARKE!

Sir, the BF-932 Dress has been released for theatre operations and the enemy is in full flight.

8 thoughts on “Weapon of Mass Destruction

    1. Re: Miss Clarke, if you’re nasty!
      That made me laugh really, really hard. Thank you.
      With your permission I would like to put that in my sigfile. If so, please let me know how you’d like to be attributed.

  1. she wears the worst clothes!!! i saw here wearing that exact jacket on cnn the other day and thought, “what the hell is that lady thinking????”
    but people in government are rarely in touch with fashion (or reality).

  2. Not so much in this photo, but in some I’ve seen she really looks just like David Bowie if he were a really odd dresser, and not just a cross-dresser. 😉

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