Hemet, CA

People think that Southern California is all hip and young and ahead of the curve and celebrities and SUSHI BARS and stuff. That’s a thin strip along the coast. The rest is like this:

9 thoughts on “Hemet, CA

    1. i like the quotes on your info page. just wanted to tell you that, which is difficult to do, since you don’t have comments. instead, i have to leave comments for you in a friend’s journal. nyuk nuyk.
      “If you want to know what the Lord God thinks about money, you have only to look at those to whom he gives it.” Maurice Baring

      1. Thanks. That is a fantastic quote, btw.
        Am I set on friends only? I thought it was registered users, I’ll have to fix that.

      2. No, you aren’t! haha, I just couldn’t see your “stabby stabby” link for some odd reason. It’s okay, don’t mind me, i’m just ever so slightly “special”.

  1. Interesting you should post this given that those two fallen letters appear to be “I” and “G”. Meaning that sign USED TO read:
    CALL IG: 766-6788

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