The mind of a skinhead

I usually visit my brother’s family annually in Philadelphia, a city I like pretty well. A visit to that city usually involves a trip down to South Street to eat a huge cheesesteak and wander about.

A couple of years ago, while wandering down South Street in the usual crowd of tourists and kids, I came up behind a gaggle of skinheads. They were the usual crappy racist kind, with nazi stuff hanging off them, etc. Oddly, one of them was black. They were clustered around the entrance to a deli, arguing about whether to buy cigarettes there, or go somewhere else. It was important to buy cigarettes.

The black kid said to a taller blond skinhead “Hey, we don’t want to buy cigs at a JEW STORE.”

The blond one responded “Wait. You’re a nigger nazi but you don’t want to shop at a jew store?”

There was a long silence, while thick slow wooden wheels rotated in their heads. Then one of them said “Fuck, whatever” and they all proceeded into buy the necessary cigarettes.

I doubt that the National Socialist Revolution is going to get very far in Philly.

2 thoughts on “The mind of a skinhead

  1. What? You come to philly every year but you don’t visit new york? You fool!
    You should let me know when you’re in. Maybe youc can come up or I could come down.

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