the ignatz effect

The “ignat z effect” can be summarized as follows:

No matter what job I take, I eventually find myself in the soft porn/pinup industry. This included my short tenure at The Romp, a humor site for frat boys without a sense of humor, for example.

The current employer is a provider of sports news, so with the exception of our Anna Kournikova exploitation package it has been pretty mild. Until we got this. Work safe, folks, just very very cheesy.

And I don’t like pinups or pr0n. Not one little bit. It makes me wince. I wince a lot.

9 thoughts on “the ignatz effect

  1. God, I effing hate the tendency to see in women’s sports (or the combination of women and sports) nothing more than the potential for porn. Anna Kournikova makes me puke. So does this Fox Sports thing — what is it, match wits with random porn stars? What the hell does that have to do with sports? What the hell does that have to do with anything?
    This isn’t a diatribe at you, Ignatz. I’m just saying that I wince a lot too, when stuff like this comes up.

    1. agree
      My employer is pretty much upfront about it: HI THERE YOU’RE ALL GUYS, ENJOY THE SEXY LOOKS. It’s brassy and annoying, but fairly honest.
      I prefer to watch institutions like Sports Illustrated and Esquire writhe on a hook as they try to make their moneymaking swimsuit or “women we love” issues slightly more PC each year. It’s especially funny to watch hypocrisy, soft porn, and backpedalling prose unify into this lump of anxiety. “We’re celebrating women! Especially the ones with big knockers! Wait, no, the ones who are accomplished! Plus with knockers! Wait, no.. oh shit.. we’re losers.”
      Anna K. is the Dennis Rodman of tennis; a good player who won’t ever be great, but is ensured a long career as a celebrity. Later in life I assume she will become Zsa Zsa.

      1. Re: agree
        And, if you’re lucky, she’ll move to Newport Beach.
        Next Door To You.
        but officer it’s only 4 in the morning how can I be disturbing the peace?

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