This is war

In response to genericus‘s posting of “Drop your Pants” by Hilary, I present my personal emblematic early 80s tune: Shiny Shiny.

Yes, I was a KROQ kid starting in about 1978-79. I kinda miss New Wave. Where’s Lene Lovich when you need her?

6 thoughts on “This is war

  1. this song rules. i think i saw a video for it before…or something. i believe it was also included in the radio stations on the 80’s Grand Theft Auto. ROCK.

  2. See, I actually LIKE Shiny Shiny.
    The Hilary song was “wait…what was THAT song? I think I liked it…”
    “Oh, yeah. This blows. HARD”
    And bear in mind in mind I posted the song because SOMEONE wanted to hear it SO BAD he emailed a COMPLETE STRANGER who’d mentioned having an mp3 of it in passing on a website that hasn’t been updated in the better part of a year…

  3. someone already beat me to it, but i was going to mention the New Wave station on the new Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – it rules! i play this game and every time i steal .. er, borrow – a car, that’s the station i listen to. ABC, Flock of Seagulls, Spandau Ballet, Nena Hagen..ahh, more plz.

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