Semiautomatic or adjustable zeitgeist clamp

I note that other journalers have detailed their entire Holiday Experience. This is Real Work so I won’t do it. I present highlights below:

  • A Brazil moment: watching an Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy search people with a dog in the airport terminal while “The March of the Tin Soldiers” from The Nutcracker played on the muzak.
  • I saw the birthplace of the monster truck in Kitty Hawk, NC.
  • I ate at the Iron Chef’s restaurant in Philadelphia and it was horribly horribly expensive and worth every penny. I recommend Morimoto absolutely.
  • My family is only medium dysfunctional so I had a pretty good time with them back East. They’ve figured out that I’m less psychotic if I get lots of time to myself.
  • New Year’s Eve was spent just hanging out and talking with friends, not much alcohol, lots of conversation, and a very nice relaxing time for me anyway.

5 thoughts on “Semiautomatic or adjustable zeitgeist clamp

    1. Re: The Iron Chef
      Yeah, Morimoto doesn’t fool around. The omakase menu was amazing. Not huge amounts of food, which is good; just incredible flavors.

    1. mmm
      We got the omakase menu, which is 7 or more small courses of Whatever He Wants to Serve You. It was pretty amazing. Things like sliced scallop in a sesame sauce, or toro “tartare”, or kobe beef with foie gras. Pure artistry!

      1. Re: mmm
        Food Channel showed an all day marathon of Iron Chef on New Year’s Day – most of the episodes were Morimoto losses!

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