From a movie ad on the radio:

Parental advisory: this film contains nudity, violence, scenes of torture, and language

Please, save us from the Virus from Outer Space.

5 thoughts on “DANGER

  1. She-it!
    Yeah, that must be one o’ them talkies I’ve heard so much about…
    Preacher sez it runs on Demon Power and will lead ‘merica down a moral sewer and put pichers of nekkid wimin an ‘merican flags on the back of ma car..

  2. technicalities
    Maybe that was referring to offensive language. Y’know, like …
    I was going to say the name of a language, but I decided I wasn’t in the mood to offend speakers of any one particular language. Feel free to choose your own.

  3. You go right on ahead there chopping heads off rats with that Skilsaw, little Mordecai. We’ll watch some Cinemax later. DID I HEAR YOU SAY “DAMN” NEAR YOUR MOTHER!!? Cut me a switch, I’ll meet you behind the barn…

  4. oh no! language… we can’t have that. it will ruin the youth of amerika.
    violence… torture… nudity… that’s all real life shit, but language… no way my kid is going to be exposed to that.

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