ominous signs of oncoming stupidity

The real terror of the oncoming anniversary next week is becoming apparent. Flags and “holiday” type crap starting to appear for sale in stores, prophetic onion article about bartender wondering what to do for the anniversary, etc. My work is offering “anniversary syndrome” counseling.

In case anyone is wondering, I plan to spend the 11th hiding in my closet hugging my cat until all the flagschmerz goes away.

WHAT A COUNTRY! as Yakov Smirnoff would say. Did you know he’s an artist these days? “I was really nervous about starting this painting. Watching the flag fly proudly over my theater always gave me goose bumps. I was hoping to portray it with honor. I hope I did.”

14 thoughts on “ominous signs of oncoming stupidity

  1. Vat a country!
    Had an extended conversation w/ Scott McIntosh the other day:
    S: Dude! Guess what I’m doing on the 11th?
    Me: What?
    S: Flying. To Seattle. On business. And I don’t like to fly. Can I get you something up there? I’m already bringing some smoked salmon back.
    Me: How about some box cutters?
    Soon, I will be celebrating the anniversary of having a friend (who unbeknownst to me was a former serviceman) yelling in my face hysteically for daring to posit that moslems were people, too, and had legitimate viewpoints and that maybe making enemies of the members of the fastest growing yet poorest religion on Earth was maybe not a smart global stretegy and maybe we should devote effort towards helping them and improving our image rather than just blowing them up after they get pissed…

      1. Re: Vat a country!
        Alter /topic to let folks no there’s No Fucking Around and be quick and merciless with the Hammer.
        Or just make me alone the op.

      2. Re: Vat a country!
        YOU’D LIKE THAT, WOULDN’T YOU!!11! BANHAMMER ZEB, SLAYER OF ERM SOMETHING REALLY BIG! Well, I’ll consider it — maybe we can put up a bot that will kick on certain words. 😉

    1. Yer wicked !
      Funny !
      But I don’t think Islam is the fastest growing religion, or at least not for long. Christianity looks like it’s making very strong inroads in Africa and Asia these days. Perhaps part of the anomie in the Islamic world has to do with this. Islamic public thinkers compare the state of their world now with the glory days of the Caliphates and the Ottoman Empire and it is not looking good.
      And although “we” should be on our best behavior, the sad fact is that permeable borders and technology are making it frighteningly easy for a small groups of disaffected people to do some very terrible things. Appeal to reasonable goverments and their citizens isn’t going to help against fanatics all by itself.
      OK, I’ll stop bringing down the room…

      1. And there’s *more* where that came from !
        Oh yes, and thank you very much. I wonder if “The Case of the Missing CD Plates” is the same as “A Strange Case of Diplomatic Immunity.” (I’ve got the former on vinyl and can digitize it if needed.) I was introduced to the Goons by a friend in high school, and had a few recorded off the air from WCRB, a local classical station, which they played after the Peter Schickele show.

      2. Re: And there’s *more* where that came from !
        Yup, it’s the same one! A few of the shows were done under a couple names (like Childe Harolde I theenk was under another name too). I got a couple of their albums in high school too, but knew about them from relatives who had heard them when they were in Britain. Whee!
        I have a scriptbook for them too, which has some correspondence between the goons — the most funny ones being between Milligan & Sellers. I’ll try to find a scanner around and see if I can get some images of this stuff up sometime. =)

  2. In case anyone is wondering, I plan to spend the 11th hiding in my closet hugging my cat until all the flagschmerz goes away.
    I love you, Ignatz.

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