hypersalinated juke joint

So, we went out to have fun tonight: Odradak, red_maenad, reggiT, and myself.

And we saw a bad, bad singer songwriter guy. He sang John Cougar. He sang Bruce Springsteen. He sang Van Morrison. None of them well, whether you like those or not. He had short crewcutty spiky hair, and his friends all had mullets or near mullet hair. He was Country. You know, one of those guys what you know is sincere by how he squints his eyes real hard and tilts his head to one side while singing sincerely. And I pretty much wrote him off as that.

And then reggiT happened to wander behind him and saw the 3-Ring Binder he had for his music, and the pic he had in front of him as he played to inspire him. And it was this picture. And then we fell over cackling and left.

Things were better when we go tot the Irish bar and the Italian Stevie Wonder was playing.

2 thoughts on “hypersalinated juke joint

  1. Oh my God.
    At first glance, that looks like an appalling piece of gay porn. Second glance, too. That’s supposed to make people want to drink milk? Eugh.

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