beneficent ramrod or peccary

We’ve had these bizarre red sky sunsets 3 nights running. The whole yard lights up red, the neighbor’s tree looks like a Fire Tree, and even people and plants get an odd ruddy look. I suspect the Eschaton, but it’s still very pretty.

Having the extended family around makes me feel very Violent Femmes. I’m not sure whether it just makes me the youngest against (immaturity is sultan!), or whether they really are suddenly annoying in a big group in a way they aren’t individually, or whether I’m just a Big Grinch. In any case I am going to do my utmost next year to avoid all of the “holiday” stuff. It makes me a jerk as well as unhappy. Think I’m better off just with unhappy.

9 year old kids are also very tiring to be around. They’re everything I hate about myself, or something.

Anyway, there’s nothing like a war plus a hypocritically pushy wealth holiday plus family plus a kid around to make me feel like shit. I am going to sit under a rock until January 2, I think.

One thought on “beneficent ramrod or peccary

  1. YES!!! The everything you hate in yourself comment is it for me. When I was a kid and “advanced”, I hated the way all the other “normal” kids acted like such IDIOTS. Partially because I couldn’t, because I was aware of how embarrassing it was and I have always been too self concious or someshit. I still feel that way I guess.
    Advice re: holidays… they are MUCH MUCH BETTER if you never watch TV. We really like them because we never hear radio ads for them, see tv ads for them, etc etc etc. It’s just us and the season doing its thing, and watching pretty lights and stuff. I advise it for everyone.

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