the night, they say, was made for schnitzel

jazz radio, late night, everyone else asleep. Sometimes I’m selfish enough to think that all of life should be this way: other humans isolated from me via the Internet Wall of Damp Cotton, music at my disposal, a beer and a chunk of cheese and bread handy.

This lasts until I wake up the next morning and want to go harass another human.

I want what I don’t want!

One thought on “the night, they say, was made for schnitzel

  1. I can completely relate. Taking another IRC holiday because of this very dilemma. “Hrm, I want to see some of the coolest people I know and talk to them, but there are these pinheads nearby…”. Grah! Oh well. Fimm has this nifty thing going where he can access the moo from IRC, only problem is only one person at a time can do it. If I can convince him to expand it, then maybe more cool people can be around. Or something.
    I know I probably insulate myself too much from stress and all, but man. sometimes I just don’t know what else to do.

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