guanistic petrophilia with jars and jars of gravel

My friend’s band is playing Saturday night, with another band I really liked back in the day (The Insect Surfers) and with Joe Baiza, who is a sort of guitar hero of mine. He was in Saccharine Trust and Universal Congress Of, both of which rocked my world in the 80s. Sort of a post-punk Carlos Santana.

I get “evaluated” at work tomorrow. Boy do I hate that. It’s nonsensical. What to do? I must put up with it for money.

On a totally different line, I am looking into becoming a eunuch. I think it can result in weird body type problems and hormonal issues, but it’s been clear for at least 10 years that my sex drive is a complete waste of my energy, and I’d be better off using those calories to improve my score at Tetris or throw heavy objects slightly further. I think the last actual real “date” in the “might get some” sense I had was in 1987. No really. If I had to choose, I’d prefer a metaphorically masturbatory existence to a literal one.

One thought on “guanistic petrophilia with jars and jars of gravel

  1. Saccharine Trust
    Ah, but do you know where the name comes from? Yes, it’s MUSIC TRIVIA NIGHT! Go on, guess. Here’s a hint—Tragically Hip used the same scheme with a different artist.

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