regularly scheduled hat rotation

I am the bearer of the “Grim Beeper” this week, and of course there are all these events and the thing goes off like crazy. The error messages that come to my pager are wonderfully cryptic, such as:

“ move failed report or system fudge attack roentgen gearhead honkenstein”

And then I call someone on the phone or poke at my computer. It is all similar to Charlie Chaplin’s classic Modern Times but without so much machinery.

The odd combination of daylight saving end plus a gray day makes me feel as though I’m in Northern England instead of Southern California. I had tea today.

Question of the day: Why do health food freaks eat “sea salt” instead of regular salt. Isn’t it all just NaCl?

10 thoughts on “regularly scheduled hat rotation

  1. oddly enough
    a lot of “sea salt” that’s really from ocean water is far more impure than processed salt. Maybe the Morton company is leaving out all the “good stuff.”

    1. it’s really just a matter of pretension. sea salt is more expensive and is supposed to taste better; but it’s all refined in the same way and the result is equally un/healthy. iodine and whatnot are good things.
      several minutes of internet research
      (yahoo –> /“sea salt” +benefits/
      i don’t like the “it’s natural” argument when used to defend purity and cleanliness. it seems to me that everything is natural and therefore – according to them! – a-ok. a human being is natural, afterall. we create and destroy, utilizing the naturally occuring things around us, acting in regards to our own programmed nature. is a city any different from an anthill or a tree infested with termites? nature devours itself in cycles. coca-cola is part of the plan.

      1. yeah – the word ‘natural’ is usually a huge flashing DANGER sign since it means pretty much nothing, and is used to mean everything. I hope Coke isn’t part of the Plan, though. That’s a pretty wicked Plan.

  2. SEE THIS?
    well, sea salt doesn’t have iodine in it, unless you add it (yeah, just like table salt). =D So, health food freaks are protecting their health by not having iodine, thereby getting goiters. YAY FLESHY GLOBS ON NECKS!!!

    1. Re: SEE THIS?
      but…I am certain I’ve seen non-iodized salts on the shelf right next to their more common processed brethren.

      1. Every time I go to that store I think about her and remind myself not to go there so often so I do not become a tinfoil hat person.

  3. Sea Salt
    When I am at home, I generally eat sea salt instead of normal salt. Why? Because I have matching salt and pepper grinders. Yes, a salt grinder. It works just like a pepper grinder, only you put chunks of sea salt in it instead of peppercorns.
    Don’t ask me why. It just feels cool–like I am actually having a bigger hand in preparing my food. I also have an old-fashioned hand-crack coffee grinder for the same coolness factor.
    I wonder if I can put rock salt in the coffee grinder or coffee in the salt grinder?

  4. I’d be more likely to put kosher salt in a salt grinder. Most of the sea salt you get here is not big chunk-ed, but small like normal salt… except without the iodine & additives it cakes up badly. I keep sea salt around for bathing pierces, and using for mouthwash because it’s cheap.

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