fish arousal technology assessment

Spent the week fighting with the intricacies of caching devices that speed up web sites. The short version is: when they break, they cause a myriad assortment of problems that are hard to solve and cause grown men to yell and pound on furniture.

I increasingly envy the cat, who is stupider than I and will die sooner, but is entirely free of angst. She only experiences joy, fear, and boredom as far as I can tell.

Health tip: do not get so freaked out at your job that you forget to eat lunch and instead chew entire packages of Bazooka Bubble Gum.

Music tip: If you can find it, the David Byrne-free Talking Heads record called “No Talking Just Head” By the Heads is a great record, very underappreciated, especially Johnette Napolitano’s unearthly wailing on “Damage I’ve Done”.

I think I’ll wake up late tomorrow and go commit an act of public nihilism. I wish my life was less like rands and more like pants</a

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