Washington Boulevard, Whittier to Downtown: Photoessay


I shot a series of photos on Washington Blvd today, east of Downtown. It’s a long street, going from industrial East L.A. County all the way to the ocean. This is the first chunk I’m shooting.

A lot of Southern California is industrial. A lot of other Southern California is where industrial workers live. It’s not spoken of much.

More photos from today are in my photo set on Flickr.

Page from a diary found in an abandoned psychiatric hospital


The clues grow more obscure and ominous each day. This latest confounds me. A photo of a photo: why? The chicken man is presented as a familiar character, in a cheerful pose. The blurriness and stiff pose are uneasy, though. It’s unheimlich somehow, more Wicker Man than Chicken Run.

I see no record of chicken-suited performers locally. Perhaps this is a forgery or a prank. But again I am drawn back to the ritual pose of that photo. Who or what is behind that mask? Am I… is anyone! meant to know?

Tomorrow I will again brave the University’s archives. Chicken Man’s unexplained presence demands answers. Menace or not, he will give up his secrets.

Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa, 1966

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I was a toddler, and my family had just moved into this neighborhood. I don’t think anything remains that you can see in this picture.

The Mesa Theatre is visible on the right at 19th street there.


jonathan livingston asshole

Seagulls, as you know, never falter, never stall. To stall in the 
air is for them disgrace and it is dishonour. 
 But Jonathan Livingston Seagull, unashamed, stretching his 
wings again in that trembling hard curve - slowing, slowing, 
and stalling once more - was no ordinary bird.