10 thoughts on “Superdawg – Chicago, IL

    1. Superdawg is pretty good. A little on the pricey side, imo, and if I was up in that area I would probably go to Susie’s Drive-in instead (Suzie’s has fresh cut fries and amazing milk shakes. Montrose at Elston. AND they’re open 24/7).


      1. The importance of fresh cut fries can’t be overstated. Sure, crinkle-cut are OK, but there’s just no comparison to long greasy strips of fries with skin on the ends.


      2. I haven’t been to Susie’s… I need to check this out. I’m a big fan of Gene and Jude’s. Fresh cut fries. No ketchup on the premises.


      3. A long time ago, maybe 15 years, I lived a few blocks from Susie’s and it was the best part of living in Old Irving Park! It’s just a shack with a counter & a parking lot, so it’s easy to pass by.
        They serve a mean Polish, btw.


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