19 thoughts on “Political-mobile

  1. Hey, at least he’s using complete and comprehensible sentences. That’s a lot more than we’re getting these days from most wingnuts.


  2. I’ve seen this guy few times floating around Southern California. And while he may love America he sure doesn’t support it’s industry. Buy Japanese must be his motto.


  3. Back-In-The-Day-ness of Hey Ya
    The other day, on the bus, some
    geezer in an NRA hat was hissing
    about “socialism”.  Leaving aside the
    fact that “socialism” is a term that he would
    be as hard-pressed to define as “Mandelbrot set”,
    he was saying this as we were…
    On the bus.
    On the “provided basically for free, by the
    government, for the benefit of society” bus.
    On the roads, which…


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