Summertime drinking

I’ve been hitting the bubbly pretty hard. Got a case of it, 15 bottles, on Friday. Only three left.

The bubbly in this case is San Pellegrino.

I have a tremendous affection to this stuff (aiiee, brand loyalty) because I had so much of it in Italy as a kid. It’s probably no better or worse than any fizzly water.

More Marketing Prose! DNA

This stuff is on the Extinct Beverages page, so I guess it’s gone. It was water, with a little fruit flavoring, and 5% alcohol. Yeah. Its marketing website lives on, and says:

DNA: It’s Water with an Attitude! The world’s one and only alcoholic spring water.


A refreshing combination of clear spring water, natural fruit flavor, with an alcohol level of 5%.


DNA explodes onto the beverage market. The wild child of alcoholic drinks will hijack your imagination. You don’t have to understand it. Just get on the ride.


DNA launches its asault on North America in Spring of 2000. Alternative alcohol products have been the rage of lifestyle cities around the world. Thrill seekers and tastemakers in your market are eager to try DNA. It’s an “Australian original.” Go for it…with a vengeance!


The combined strengths of Wet Planet Beverage and Canadaigua Brands, Inc. will lead DNA among market movers and shakers. DNA will be pumpin’ with bar & club sampling programs along with consumer promotions. A mega-cool press campaign is sure to prompt word-of-mouth and great demand!