Summertime drinking

I’ve been hitting the bubbly pretty hard. Got a case of it, 15 bottles, on Friday. Only three left.

The bubbly in this case is San Pellegrino.

I have a tremendous affection to this stuff (aiiee, brand loyalty) because I had so much of it in Italy as a kid. It’s probably no better or worse than any fizzly water.

11 thoughts on “Summertime drinking

    1. I agree! Some fizzly (yay fizzly good word) waters are naturally bubbly, others are not. Some have smaller bubbles, some have larger. I like Pellegrino because it has a nice taste and VERY TINY BUBBLEZ LOL. Beverages with carbonation/large bubbles are difficult for me to drink ‘cos I got a wacked out esophageal hernia thinger, so I pay attention to stuff like this. Even Pellegrino is occasionally hard to drink.
      Side note, re: tasting differences in water. Is it just me, or does purified water that has all the stuff put back in it (like Sparkletts or Kirkland) have a way more chemically taste than spring water or tap water (which may or may not be the same, I have no idea). Because I swear, I can tell the difference and it’s not a nice difference. Or do I sound like an asshole now.


      1. Kirkland and Crystal Geyser (I can actually gag while trying to drink C.G.) both taste like ASSFARTS to me. I feel like I need to gargle with acid after I drink either.


  1. No… I love that stuff!
    One of my favorite memories of Diedrich’s in Orange, was the long hot walk there after work in the summer, to wait for L. pick me up. They had no a/c but ceiling fans, and I would order a bottle of San Pellegrino, and a large Orange Juice on ice, I would quickly drink about a quarter of the juice, and start refilling the rest from the Pellegrino bottle.
    That was the best!
    mojo sensd


  2. Gerolsteiner with fresh key lime is my be all end all but not as readily available.
    Pellegrino with that thick blackberry syrup is my favorite alternative!


  3. I am all about the bubble water, over tons of ice with a twist of lime…but only the first few gulps. As soon as the fizzies fizzle I’m over it.
    I love that while in the U.K. they ask you in restaurants…”would you like still or fizzy water?”


  4. The local Whole Foods had a “midnite madness” sale just before Christmas on, among other things, San Pellegrino water (like half the usual price). I got there about 15 minutes after the sale started and ended up snarfing the next to last case.
    Also good: Gerolsteiner and Volvic (flat).


  5. bubbly water kicks ass. i’ve been going across the street to whole foods and fetching some for my afternoon drinking. makes the people here look at me oddly.


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