Assorted premature thoughts on Breivik

I’m not sure, but this appears to be the first use of Family Circle cartoon art in a mass killer’s video manifesto. Eerie. For a guy who clearly hates both the modern and the postmodern, he sure hit the postmodern gong hard with his media technique.

Breivik managed to repeat the last 15 minutes of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It reminds me of Timothy McVeigh’s identification with DeNiro’s heroic HVAC guy in Brazil. Have we reached a singularity of satire, culture war, confused thinking, and fertilizer bombs?

Breivik says he’s anti-Nazi, because he hates all modern collective post-Christian socialist ideas. But he would have got on great with Himmler and his crazy medieval Teutonic Knight Arthurian mysticism. That idealized medieval agrarian dream of the racially pure heartland is the European version of Imaginary 1903 Tennessee as imagined by reactionaries here in the U.S. Everyone’s stuck with the hell of modern industrial life, but powerful people hold out that idyllic dream of a small farm town to everyone who’s alienated.

And finally, what makes the difference between the internet comment person who talks like this guy, and the one who actually does the deed? Is there any way to tell?

5 thoughts on “Assorted premature thoughts on Breivik

  1. i don’t think people who DO this stuff think they’re real, or their victims are real. i think, like those of us when we’re in extremity, to them “it’s like watching a movie”. only all the time. i think they’re dissociated and i think that the dissociated are likely to adopt movie roles as their live ethos. hence, blam blam.


  2. For the most part modern industrial life is a paradise compared to everything that came before it. What we’re stuck with is the idea that it’s hell and that shit was way better whatever number of years ago. That idea is hilarious in its misguidedness until someone commits mass murder over it.


  3. quick question: at the very end of the video, what’s the 2nd uniform that he’s wearing after the masonic (?) one–did he make that up himself or is it an actual uniform from an actual country?


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