Merry Christmas, Mr. Substitute


I’m glad I looked and found out the day before I fly to Japan that bringing my Adderall could get me instant warrantless indefinite detention. That would have been SUCH a drag.

“Long story short: if the idea of spending a month or more in a windowless cell, held incommunicado, is your idea of a fun time, by all means do try to bring your Adderall into Japan.”

5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Mr. Substitute

  1. I’m glad to have seen that link, because now I know that I won’t have the privilege of doing any extra travel in Japan when I attend a conference there next year, since I won’t be able to bring the injectable medication that I need to take once a week. Awesome.


    1. Depending on the stuff, it may be okay. You can fill out a form and it’s allowed. If it’s on the super evil list, then no dice. So if it’s some kind of stimulant, doom. But if it’s something else, try the form.


      1. Yeah, but it looks like it’s not enough to just have a prescription; on the form, you have to convince them why they should let you have it. And I don’t really feel up to convincing some Japanese bureaucrats why I should be allowed to bring my testosterone.


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