We’re hardly into the new era, and already the honeymoon is over. Broken promises, failed reforms, and betrayals of principle have crushed my dreams of this so-called “change.” To summarize:

  • Plastic clamshell packaging has not yet been banned.
  • I and several other friends have dry, painful skin and a recurring cough.
  • Nothing, not even a plan, to replace our nation’s dilapidated traffic cones.
  • Open punditry is still tolerated and even encouraged.
  • The President-Elect cannot cure the King’s Evil by touch, nor has he called his men to horse against the Dragon, as it was foretold in olden times.
  • Just like his predecessor, he has not protected us from the Manimals. I am already on record here and here and yet I hear nothing from Mr. Obama.

Welcome to another eight years of tyranny and incompetence. WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN!


  1. I was personally promised a small increase in my number of friendly waves from neighbors of varying ethnicities, and I was told that the sun would shine more brightly and breezes could be timed properly? ALSO please remember that he has to groom the polar bears. He said.


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