7 thoughts on “Top Mullah Issues Mickey Mouse Clarification

    1. At my college radio station we regularly received the Sparks fan magazine. We were surprised by the obsessive worship of Sparks.
      One fan had Ron & Russell tattooed on her back. “Wow, how wacky!” we said to ourselves. “Who would get some random rock band tattooed so big on her body like that! Ha! Ha! Ha!”
      So anyway that was 1985.

      1. I remember 1985. Which, that line is pretty much the only useful skill on my résumé right now. M. C. Brennan, 1985 Consultant. See, having my emotional development stunted before college may ultimately pay off.
        No. No it will not.
        I just wonder if she tried having it sanded off after “Cool Places” came out.

  1. I tried clicking on the links the Mullah showed, but no go. Maybe he can explain the conundrum of a Nomad known to all.

  2. The color and texture of his beard, combined with the what he wears, makes it appear that his face is floating above his body without any attachment to his body. I wonder if that’s intentional…

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