windbreaks and missiles

As long as I live, the sight of a long line of eucalyptus with a palm tree or two in the distance will make me feel at home. I’m glad the builders left those.

This war in Georgia terrifies me.

6 thoughts on “windbreaks and missiles

    1. The US could use it as an excuse to try to show Russia who’s boss, which is what Georgia seems to hope Bush will do since he’s a lame duck. Personally, I think that would go over so badly (since we can’t even spin it at “these guys are Muslim terrorists”, they’re xenophobic ethnocrats) that nothing will come of it. I’d be willing to place a small bet.


  1. Next time you come visit (WHICH SHOULD BE SOON RIGHT) I will take you to the eucalyptus grove on the Cal campus. Not only is it wonderful, it has the distinct honor of being next to one of the buildings where the HIGH WAULITY film Twins was filmed. Yes, the Schwarzenegger one.


  2. The United States will not intervene in the Russian/Georgia conflict. Our ability to do so is limited because of Iraq and Afghanistan. There might be some diplomatic consequences for Russia, but I doubt Putin is losing any sleep over those.
    You’re right to be worried. This is portent of things to come in that part of the world.


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