Spellchecker issues from all over

(CNN) — Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards admitted Friday to having an extramartial affair in 2006 with a woman who worked on his campaign

[SFX: The United States Air Force Marching Band, “Mademoiselle D’Armentieres”]

4 thoughts on “Spellchecker issues from all over

  1. Civilians of Tskhinval call to the people of the World: Please save our minority people from annihilation by Georgian nazis!
    Please stop the genocide of Ossetian people!
    Nationalistic, nazi government of Georgia since 1989-1990 carries through a policy of physical annihilation and expulsion of native Ossetian population from their land. Starting from 1991 thousands of people – Ossetians, Abkhasians, Armenians and Russians – died as a result of military operations, criminal actions and ethnic cleansing undertaken by Georgian authorities against minorities. The scale of this genocide has always been played down by the media. Sheer bestiality of Georgian nazis and their devious torture methods have long overshadowed those used by Germans in the Second World War.
    The Georgian nation is not well – their ideas of exclusivity, being the “chosen one” – which they use as an excuse for unfounded territorial claims, are well heated up by Georgian media.
    Georgian Government is financed by the USA who have their own geopolitical interests in the region.
    Now we have a full scale tragedy on our hands: Ossetian people are systematically destroyed in their own houses, dying in ruins of their own homes.
    Georgian nazis have destroyed and eliminated many of Ossetian villages. The city of Tskhinval has been wiped out.
    It is quite impossible to count the victims who have been buried in the remains of buildings destroyed by the fire of Georgian invaders – there are thousands. Their cries are still heard from underneath.
    The Republican Hospital where the wounded were treated has been destroyed by Georgian artillery. The wounded and medical personnel are now entombed in the rubble and it is impossible to save them because of the savage fire coming from the opposite side. At the same time Georgians cynically claim that they are reinstating constitutional order, they blame either Ossetians or Russians for causing this conflict.
    Abkhasian people will be the next victim of Georgian extremism.
    We ask for your help and solidarity, we ask you to reach out to international sites.
    Let the World know the truth, not the lies presented by the experts in falsification from Georgia and her masters.


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