someone likes someone who’s a regular at BG

“You have blue eyes and wavyish brownish hair. your eyes are very light. You are about 5’10. Medium body, not tall and skinny, mans body.face kind of little red from sun. Seem like 40ish. Seem a little serious or shy. You have a dog sometimes. One time saw you with a woman. Did not look like anything serious. You are so handsome not cute, but do not act like it. i think i have seen you on thursday nights. what is you name.
new coffee shop that used to be diedrichs on 17th. “

4 thoughts on “someone likes someone who’s a regular at BG

  1. No, it means, “I am soooo mature that I search for a deeper aesthetic than ‘cute’.  Also, your good looks apparently do not cause you to act full of yourself; yes, I can tell that from the other side of the room.”

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