I gave up at friends/?skip=430

I am back from SF which was lovely. I ate and drank well, and enjoyed the company of many good people. Special thanks to zebulon_y for the use of a couch much longer than is considered polite. There is pork on the way.

I won’t try to summarize the trip because I am lazy.

If anyone huge happened in my absence, I may have missed it because skip=430.

7 thoughts on “I gave up at friends/?skip=430

  1. You might wanna invest the time, because, I’m not kidding, people fucking DIED when I was gone to Florida for three days last weekend…
    I shouldn’t laugh…

  2. More northy next time, kay?
    My mother finally found a job, I bought a camera and had Tiptoe Through the Tulips in my head for an absurd amount of time.
    Darn glad you had a good trip.

      1. It was so good, he took time out of his SEVEN COURSES OF VIETNAMESE BEEF to tell us about it. You know it has to be good to interrupt enbeefening.

  3. I GC’ed the Family Guy at Shanghai Tunnel.
    And I just now put up third place on the one at Beulahland. But I’ll obviously post about that later.

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