hi from gate 90 at sfo

we are now in hour 3 of lateness, involving a delayed plane, a plane with broken stuff, trouble making sure the broken stuff was fixed, and finally a flight attendant swapout because they’d hit their max hours.

Boy, some people really can’t handle inconvenience. i mean, this is not fun, but i don’t see any corpses, and some of these people… wow.

9 thoughts on “hi from gate 90 at sfo

  1. Tell ’em I said to either change their diapers or shut the fuck up.
    Nothing like a pack of whiners to make a crummy situation truly intolerable.

  2. but i don’t see any corpses
    Maybe it would be more pleasant for all involved if you rectified that situation, if you get my drift.

  3. dude, I am so sorry I missed your post when you were here. Things are a little crazy, for reasons I can’t quite reveal yet, but I am sorry I missed you.

  4. Q: has anyone punked on your shoes?
    A: no.
    Q: is anyone throwing furniture at you?
    A: no.
    then this is not an emergency.
    i get annoyed at late flights, especially if it means missing a connecting flight, but there’s no reason to be unpleasant. it doesn’t make them want to help you at all.

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