Don’t wanna talk about it!

You know how sometimes people on your friends list will post about their lives, and all of a sudden you think, “Wait a minute. Since when are they growing qat? And who still takes Gregory the Great seriously?” And then you wonder how you could have missed that seemingly standard information, but you feel too ashamed to ask for madlib answers. It happens to all of us. I mean I’ll bet you a sentence there’s a cut and paste with minor edits already.

Copy the questions below, erase my answers and post yours..


6 thoughts on “Don’t wanna talk about it!

  1. I only grew qat for 3 days.
    And Gregory was only Fair. Nowhere near Great.
    Oh, wait. Never mind.
    BTW, can you imagine my surprise when I was looking for you yesterday and this name wasn’t on my Buddy List? It took me WAY too long to realize HOW that could be. Sometimes I really scare myself.


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