like a hole in the head!

Wow. If you’re in search of a high-quality internet-wide flamewar, there’s no better place to start than as I did today: looking for information about bicycle helmets.

I did find out what I needed to know, but holy cats! People who don’t want helmets REALLY REALLY don’t want them! The wikipedia article is a classic NPOV disaster, to start, and then you look elsewhere and whoa.

I mean, I don’t like a sweaty head any more than the next guy, but.

7 thoughts on “like a hole in the head!

    1. At the Creation Zoo, the bonobos all wear modest clothing and are separated, for decorum. That’s how it was when Jesus made them, before the liberals performed the witchcraft.


  1. torsonial forces!
    i don’t wear a helmet but don’t give a crap if anyone else does. i just hate that in some areas The Man will fine you for not having one. my body, my choice, right?
    i’ve fallen off a bike in every possible way and have never hurt my head; it’s not difficult.


    1. Re: torsonial forces!
      I agree with the “don’t give a crap if anyone else does,” yeah.
      Public health and personal freedom are inversely related. You get jailed if you have active TB, and not too many people disagree with that. But lots of people find smoking bans offensive. Bike helmets are somewhere in between, but certainly in the Argument Zone.
      Maybe the virulence of the debate is partly due to bicyclists, who tend to be individualists and ornery, not to say cranky. (get it? crank?


  2. Helmets have never bothered me once they got light enough, even the sweat’s no big deal, at least if you’ve got a helmet with good ventilation the combination keeps you cool enough.
    I just wish the cyclists here would use the road like they’re supposed to, instead of the damn footpath, though most of the offenders are on BMXes which can’t ridden fast enough to mix in traffic, so, I dunno.


  3. Darwin would be impressed, really.
    A friend of mine who got in a bike vs. motor vehicle altercation would be dead instead of in Australia with one of his GF’s if not for his helmet.
    I guess you don’t sweat when your dead either.


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