10 thoughts on “Dear Lazy, Satanic Web

  1. Bands I’ve Been Enjoying…
    Anaal Nathrakh
    Lair of the Minotaur
    Dimmu Borgir
    And, I’ll add these (even though they’re more grindcore):
    Pig Destroyer
    On the list to investigate further…
    Hecate Enthroned


  2. as it happens, this area is my specialty.
    1) proto-black metal: Sarcofago, a Brazilian band who was mainly trying to ape Slayer but wound up doing their own thing. Try I.N.R.I.
    2) Darkthrone, Transylvanian Hunger. The earlier A Blaze in the Northern Sky is the more orthodox black metal album, but the best black metal is the stuff that moves the genre forward, and Translyvanian Hunger is a masterpiece.
    3) Gorgoroth, Ad Majorem Gloriam Sathanas. Recent – long after anybody expects anything new from the genre – but fierce, fierce, fierce. If nothing else, check out the song “White Seed,” which is unbelievable.
    4) more recent Darkthrone – F.O.A.D. – is essentially an admission that the high water days of the genre are over, so why not have fun and pay tribute to eighties punk? I love recent Darkthrone & I’m hardly alone, though some people take the “if you were once an innovater, you should stand down once the fire’s died down” position. I say, fuck that position.
    5) Mayhem. Recent Ordo Ad Chao is pretty great, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas is the one most people will steer you toward.
    6) Immortal – start anywhere except with Damned in Black, but I personally vouch for Sons of Northern Darkness.
    7) Abruptum. This is the band with the dwarf. If David Lynch had the courage of his convictions, his movies would sound like Abruptum records.
    8) Profanatica. Dirty, primitive black metal from the U.S.
    9) not black metal, but essential extreme metal: Gorguts, “Obscura.” If you haven’t heard this, trust me, it’ll punch all your buttons. It’s essentially death metal filtered through Zorn at his most freaked-out.


    1. Satan H. Christ! That’s awesome overkill! Thanks!
      I hope I can return the favor with one of my entertaining obsessions some day.
      Off to find some of this shit.


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