Trim, bait, and burnt ends

I woke up at the shocking hour of 3 pm today, neatly missing Steve & Keri’s first visit to civilization in months. Damnit.

Also: 3 pm? What the hell?

I am now atoning for my sins by making a pot of delicious pea soup, with which I will feed my aging saintly mother.

I am going to try to work at the patio more this week, because I can and because getting out of the house seems like a BIG BONUS right now. See you there.

4 thoughts on “Trim, bait, and burnt ends

  1. We missed you. But congrats on the sleep. I can only dream of a day when I can wake up at 3 pm instead of am. Now that there is a patio again we will probably stop by more often. So I am sure we will see you soon. Squid likes all the dogs (with the exception of Stain) and is always up for trying to impress strangers.

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