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I do not participate in Listmas nor do I like New Year’s resolutions. Aren’t you glad?

I had a lovely dinner with sooz tonight at Lakshmi and I am now full of chickpeas, spinach, rice, naan, daal, and assorted delicacies. A good two hours eating, talking, and agreeing about things!

Today’s happy discovery is that the wretched shoulder pain can now be totally knocked out temporarily with a cold pack, so I will be able to get to sleep at night. Before I tried this again my options were Aleve (didn’t work), Vicodin (made me ill), and insomnia (blows). Whew!

I plan to spend New Year’s eve at home, and toast the cat at midnight with some sham-pagne.

12 thoughts on “weekend update

  1. My doctor gave me celebrex. I am afraid to take it though since he said it is the equivalent of 16 aleve. That seems a little overkill for my taste.

  2. i’m going to ask a stupid question–have you tried professional massage for your shoulder? i had sciatica this year–not so bad that i couldn’t walk, but i had to stop running, and it hurt all the time. i went to the dr.. got xrays (showed nothing), had physical therapy for 2 months, but it didn’t get better. I got a massage and had immediate relief that lasted until i got my next massage, 2 weeks later. it may not completely resolve the problem like it did for me, but it might help a little.

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