Unix roasting on an open fire

Whose shell this is, I do not know
The password was quite easy, though
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his disk fill up with snow.

Thanks to sooz for a birthday scarf that is warm and friendly and non-scratchy; that was a particularly thoughtful gift!

It was good to see friends on the patio again tonight.

My last few days have been a comedy of disasters worthy of M. Hulot. On Friday I woke up too quickly with too much to do and promptly barfed in the sink. The rest of the day was slow and featured excessive sleep and a number of household errors. I then had to move my car because of tree guys and found that it would not start. I was just barely able to get mom’s car close enough to do a jump, and the cables were stretched enough that twice the ground popped off the engine block. Then, while preparing to move the car, I closed the hood before replacing the plastic battery cover, so that the hood is now jammed shut.

Today I managed within the space of three hours to:

  • Lose my car keys
  • Lose my computer power adapter
  • Lose my house keys
  • Leave my phone behind
  • Set off my car alarm by pressing “panic” instead of “trunk open” THREE times
  • Break a $40 bottle of wine intended for the big dinner
  • Lose my car keys again
  • Lose my house key again
  • Hallucinate losing my jacket when I had not brought it with me
  • Return home without my house key and have to use the sekrit to get in

It’s a damned good thing we don’t have ice around here.

5 thoughts on “Unix roasting on an open fire

  1. I am trying now to imagine what the sekrit is that allows you into your home without the key. Does it involve Pouss in some way? I certainly hope so.

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