Brains on film

CD from radiology people + Osirix software (thanks Jed for the tip!) + GraphicConverter = animgifs of my brain. THROBBING. FULL OF RADIOACTIVE GOOP.

The rest are in for anyone who wants to make an industrial music video or just look at throbbing brains.

21 thoughts on “Brains on film

  1. These are excellent. In fact, I would like to make a music video with them, but I cannot convert animated GIFs to video format. Would you be willing to post a ZIP or RAR of the image files?

  2. Hi,
    My friend linked me to this post of yours. Your brain looks nice and healthy—at least from what I can see. I have a bunch of MRIs in which my brain looks like Swiss Cheese (I have Multiple Sclerosis). How did you do this (using the software you’ve listed above)? It’s damn cool…

    1. I am sorry to hear you have MS. I didn’t know it was that easy to see on an MRI.
      I have a mac, so I used a free program called Osirix to grab the images off the hospital’s CD into a format I could read. It let me export the images as .mov movie files, and I then used GraphicConverter to turn those into animated GIFs.
      Thanks for the brain compliment!

      1. It’s ok…shit happens (hahaha). Oh yeah: MS pops right out on MRIs. See?:

        Those are just two of the images from one of my scans. I have 5+ lesions (those white spots) like that in mine brain, and some people have a lot more.
        Alas…I don’t have a Mac.
        Do they know what’s wrong with you yet? I gather that they suspect it’s neurological—otherwise they wouldn’t be scanning your brain. May I ask what symptoms you’ve been experiencing?

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