locals update: the new place in d’s patio

Bob gave me the manager’s card. Looking him up, it seems he’s has run Sapori and Mamma Gina’s, or been involved in their management. So at least he knows how to restaurant. We’ll see.

Also: “Athos Fiori” is a great name!

Buon Giorno, we await you.

10 thoughts on “locals update: the new place in d’s patio

  1. Buon Giorno Cafe
    Hey all, I’m Rick, and one of the managers at the new cafe. We’re hoping to be open for y’all on Saturday, December 15, and bangin for business. As soon as the health department and city pass us on everything, we’ll be good to go. We’ve got a great crew who wants to get to know all our local coffee junkies, and the best coffee around. Athos, the owner, is the sole importer of Costadoro coffee in the US, so we’re the place to get it. It is by far the best coffee I’ve ever had and tasting it leaves the burnt swill at starbucks tasting like, well… burnt swill. Come by anytime between now and saturday while we’re setting up and training and give us a taste. It’s on me.


    1. Re: Buon Giorno Cafe
      Does anyone know the hours of operation??? This has been my biggest concern. Please don’t pull a Kean.
      A late night spot OTHER than Sutra or the Tard House would be nice.


      1. Re: Buon Giorno Cafe
        Hey guys, it’s rick again. Our hours are 6:30 am to 10 pm right now. We may adjust that later, but it’s at least that.


      2. Re: Buon Giorno Cafe
        Rick here again. If you guys have any more questions, feel free to post them here, i’ll be glad to answer them. I cant really argue against a free advertising medium that has known respondents, y’know?
        and a new update… Our grand opening will be on January 5th, we’ll have live music, discounted drinks, possibly a barbecue, all that good stuff. let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks Guys for your support


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