8 thoughts on “VOLKSWAFFLE

  1. Wow, that is a spectacularly bad story. It’s kind of special. I’m glad you screencapped it in case it gets “fixed” (or ruined, depending on your POV).

      1. Okay! Now I can tell her I made an exhaustive talent search on her behalf
        Then I can unfurl a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner across her bosom

      2. I know an unattached goofy guy that’s attached to his computer when he isn’t at work on the other side of the world (Seoul, Korea). Do you want him?
        Also, is it a cookie, cake, or brownie batter? If its brownie I might have to get one of those cars.

  2. Looks like someone’s making serious in-roads to off-griddle living.
    If we fail to power our capitalism with tasty pastry, then the terrorists have won.

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